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Latest Articles

The Professional Toastmaster and The Art of Sabrage

Pop! Fizz! These are the sounds that echo through the air when a bottle of champagne is opened conventionally. But what if you were told there’s a grander, more theatrical way to unleash the effervescence of this favoured celebrity beverage? Enter sabrage, an ancient and captivating technique that adds a touch of elegance and thrill […]

Vince Hawkes

Professional Toastmaster, Questions and Answers

Q: How can the Bridal Party ensure their wedding runs on time? A: Ensure the Toastmaster works closely with the photographer to arrange the required photographs so that the photographer can concentrate on just taking the pictures and not waste time ‘herding’ guests around.   Q: When should the wedding party do any speeches? A: […]

David Mote

From Red Coat to Red Cape a Professional Toastmasters Tale!!

I guess the alarm bells should have rang at the very beginning when the bridegroom was ready to meet with the registrars, but the best man was only just getting into the shower. The bridegroom’s side of the congregation mainly consisted of hard-core Irish truckers. They were absolute gents, some of whom I’m still in […]

Vince Hawkes

Professional Wedding Toastmasters and Photographers !!!

Making the Time to Create Magical Wedding Pictures When you chose a photographer, you have probably spent hours identifying potential candidates and studying the pictures on their Instagram page. The trouble is – there is no easy way to confirm a photographer’s ability to manage your guests and gather family and friends together for those […]

David Mote

What does a Professional Toastmaster Do ?

Just what does a Toastmaster Do? The majority of good venues will agree that to guarantee a fun and successful wedding it is really important to have someone at the event who will ensure that: The venue duty manager has a point of contact to direct Bridal Party and supplier activities Registrars are happy Everyone […]

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