Professional Wedding Toastmasters and Photographers !!!

Making the Time to Create Magical Wedding Pictures

When you chose a photographer, you have probably spent hours identifying potential candidates and studying the pictures on their Instagram page.

The trouble is – there is no easy way to confirm a photographer’s ability to manage your guests and gather family and friends together for those all-important group shots.

Few appreciate that a photographer working alone have to select the site for pictures, organise special shots including confetti lines, find individuals for required group shots, locate the bride’s flowers (which are always put down and lost after the ceremony) compose and then take the required picture.

Trying to find Auntie Lucy, who is locked in the loo or persuading Uncle Bill, who is holding court at the bar to come outside for the family shots can take time and a fair bit of friendly authority.

If you have a responsible team of ushers and a best man who are willing to act as the photographer’s ‘sheep dogs’ that is great – but sadly they are very rare as they tend to have already started to tuck into the post ceremony champers by the time the pictures are to be taken.

However, helping your photographer is key to a good Toastmaster’s responsibilities. They know that by organising complicated shots, like the confetti and bouquet launches and getting the wedding pictures completed in a fun and timely way will both create wonderful photographic memories, and make sure everyone sits down for the Wedding Breakfast whilst the food is still hot.

All your Toastmaster will need is a list of required pictures and then, by working with the photographer, they will ensure you get both all the pictures you planned for, and that they are the magical images you imagined they would be.

Why not ask your photographer if they like working with a Toastmaster.

David Mote